[ITEM] Whip, Torch, Knives, Target Board & Magic Sphere.

Japanese name: See trivia
Romanized name: See trivia

User: Amazon Trio
Used for: Various purposes.
First appearance: Episodes 128 (Whip, target board), 130 (Torch), 143 (Knives) & 148 (Magic sphere)
Last appearance: Episode 149
Status: No longer in use or destroyed.


  • Tiger’s Eye could immobilize an enemy by binding his or her shadow with his whip (鞭; Muchi). VesVes and PallaPalla sometimes summoned a lemures with whips.
  • The flame from Hawk’s Eye’s torch (松明; Taimatsu) easily overpowered Sailor Mercury’s Shine Aqua Illusion in episode 138. However, it was no match for Mister Magic Pierrot in episode 149.
  • Fish Eye was armed with an assortment of throwing knives (ナイフ; Naifu). Mister Magic Pierrot turned them into butterflies in episode 149.
  • To subdue a possible Pegasus host, the Amazon Trio used a red target board (ターゲット·ボード; Taagetto boodo). The vocal command was simply saying “One”, followed by “two” for the shackles. The board could emerge practically anywhere and they typically disappeared once the summoner left. Although in episode 148, the board that restrained Tiger’s Eye remained intact even after Fish Eye walked away. Minako was able to break the restraints in episode 141. Since there was no Nakayoshi anime album for SuperS, the official name for these boards is unknown.
  • The magic sphere seen in episodes 148 and 149 was referred to as “mahou no tama” (魔法の玉) in the script. In Kodansha’s Sailor Moon SuperS TV Magazine Deluxe, it was called “mahou no ishi” (魔法の石) or “magic stone”.

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com

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