[ITEM] Golden Crystal.

Japanese name: ゴールデン・クリスタル
Romanized name: Gooruden kurisutaru

User: Queen Nehelenia, Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon
Used for: Moon Crisis Power.
First appearance: Episode 164
Last appearance: Episode 166
Status: No longer in use.


  • In the manga, the Golden Crystal was the Earth’s Sailor Crystal. It resided within Mamoru’s body and only a chosen individual could break its seal. The anime incarnation of the Golden Crystal was guarded by Helios of the Golden Kingdom, Elysion. The jewel originated from the Golden Kingdom of Earth, the home of Prince Endymion in the past. The object was contained within the horn on Helios’ head. Once the Dead Moon was defeated, Helios returned to Elysion with the crystal intact.
  • In Sailor Stars, Mamoru’s star seed was golden, but it was not the Golden Crystal.
  • In the anime, the Golden Crystal looked like a point cut diamond. While the crystal had a lotus shape in the manga, the core resembled its anime counterpart.
  • A sacred flame protected the Golden Crystal from evil beings in the anime. Queen Nehelenia bypassed this by capturing the keeper of the Golden Mirror.
  • The Golden Crystal did not physically appear until episode 164.
  • Helios was the Golden Crystal’s guardian, not its user. He searched for the special someone that could unleash its true power.

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com

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