[ITEM] Dream Mirror.

Japanese name: 夢の鏡
Romanized name: Yume no kagami

User: Multiple
Used for: Viewing dreams, finding Pegasus or Pegasus’ host
First appearance: Episode 128
Last appearance: Episode 167
Status: In use.


  • The dream mirrors were exclusive to the anime.
  • Everyone had a dream mirror in the anime, not just the selected individuals targeted by the Dead Moon. Evidence is shown in episodes 153, 158, 160 and 161 when dream mirrors were taken from large groups of random people.
  • In episode 149, it was revealed that a person would eventually die without his or her dream mirror. However, Queen Nehelenia shattered her own mirror in episode 167 without harming herself.
  • The removal of a dream mirror from the body seemed to be painful or at least very uncomfortable.
  • Minako actually restored her own dream mirror in episode 141.
  • In episode 147, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon were unable to physically put Makoto’s dream mirror back into her body. In fact, the mirror wouldn’t even budge until Fish Eye’s target board disappeared.
  • Those who abandoned their dreams had grey and tarnished mirrors.
  • Not only did Queen Nehelenia’s dream mirror have a different design, it was also darker in color.
  • Pegasus’ keeper possessed a Golden Mirror (ゴールデン・ミラー).

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com

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