[ITEM] Holy Grail.

Japanese name: 聖杯
Romanized name: Seihai

User: The Messiah, Sailor Moon
Used for: Preventing or bringing about the Silence, Crisis Make-Up.
First appearance: Episode 111
Last appearance: Episode 125
Status: Destroyed.


  • "Seihai" translates to "chalice" or "holy grail". Sometimes it was referred to as the Holy Cup or the Purity Chalice.
  • The name “Rainbow Moon Cálice” (レインボームーンカリス) was used in the Sailor Moon S Nakayoshi Anime Album 2 as well as on the packaging for the Bandai toy.
  • A rudimentary visual of the Holy Grail first appeared in episode 90. However, a more accurate illustration was shown in episode 105. The actual object wasn’t officially introduced until episode 111.
  • In the manga, the Holy Grail was created by Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibimoon and Tuxedo Mask. It eventually evolved into the Holy Moon Cálice. The talismans conjured the Holy Grail in the anime.
  • Chibiusa said that a picture of the Holy Grail was in her mother’s bedroom in episode 107. Chibiusa went on to say that she wanted a grail. Coincidentally, she acquired her own chalice in the manga, and it turned her into Super Sailor Chibimoon.
  • Once Sailor Moon fainted from using the grail in episode 111, Sailors Uranus and Neptune assumed that Moon wasn’t the Messiah after all. The Messiah was capable of infinite power, and Sailor Moon could barely wield the chalice without becoming weak. However, Uranus and Neptune realized by episode 126 that Sailor Moon was indeed the Messiah.
  • As soon as Sailor Moon grabbed the Holy Grail and then advanced to her “super” form in episode 111, barrettes materialized in Sailor Chibimoon’s hair.

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com

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