[ITEM] Deep Aqua Mirror.

Japanese name: ディープ・アクア・ミラー
Romanized name: Diipu akua miraa

User: Sailor Neptune
Used for: Creating the Holy Grail, enhancement of precognitive powers, Submarine Reflection.
First appearance: Episode 110
Last appearance: Episode 170
Status: In use.


  • The three talismans were based on the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan. The Yata no Kagami represents wisdom.
  • When Eudial asked about the shapes of the talismans in episode 105, a mostly accurate visual of the Deep Aqua Mirror accompanied Professor Tomoe’s response. Although this mirror had a hole near the bottom of the handle.
  • Sailor Neptune already possessed the Deep Aqua Mirror in the manga. She later used it with the other talismans to summon Sailor Saturn. After Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto formed the Holy Grail in episode 111, the Deep Aqua Mirror and Space Sword disappeared until episode 124.
  • Sailor Neptune loaned the mirror to Sailor Chibimoon in the manga.
  • This mirror augmented Michiru/Sailor Neptune’s innate psychic ability, and it gave her glimpses of pending evil or future events.
  • During the fight with Germatoid and his minions in episode 124, Sailor Neptune exposed the real daimon with the mirror. In the SuperS Movie, Submarine Reflection revealed Poupelin, Banane & Orangeat’s weaknesses.
  • Michiru often carried this around with her while in her civilian form.

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com

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