[ITEM] Silver Crystal.

Japanese name: 幻の銀水晶
Romanized name: Maboroshi no ginzuishou

User: Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity, Queen Serenity, Chibiusa/Small Lady
Used for: Moon Healing Escalation, Moon Prism Power, Moon Crystal Power Make-Up, Moon Crystal Power, Silver Crystal Power.
First appearance: Episode 34
Last appearance: Episode 200
Status: In use.


  • The word “maboroshi” in the Silver Crystal’s full Japanese name is often translated as “phantom” or “illusionary”.
  • It became the Silver Moon Crystal in the manga.
  • The Crystal Star was created after the Silver Crystal was combined with the broken Henshin Brooch in episode 51.
  • In the anime, the Silver Crystal was broken into seven shards called the Rainbow Crystals. Once these jewels reunited, the Silver Crystal was reformed. In the manga, the Silver Crystal was reborn from Princess Serenity’s tears.
  • The Silver Crystal changed in shape throughout the anime. Early in the first series before it actually appeared, the crystal was sometimes drawn to look like a cut diamond (i.e., episode 28). Once it materialized in the present day in episode 34, the Silver Crystal was small and round. During the R Movie, the Silver Crystal assumed a lotus-like appearance. For the S Movie, the crystal was now bigger, and it resembled a diamond again. The Silver Crystal returned to its lotus form in SuperS (the opening credits) and Sailor Stars.
  • It was revealed in Sailor Stars that the Silver Crystal was also Usagi’s star seed (or Sailor Crystal in the manga).
  • The past and future Silver Crystals were not supposed to touch in the manga. When Sailor Pluto sacrificed her life to prevent this from happening, the distraught Black Lady reverted to Chibiusa, and then awakened as Sailor Chibimoon. Her own Silver Crystal eventually evolved into the Pink Moon Crystal.
  • The Silver Crystal created the new Silver Millennium as well as Crystal Tokyo. It granted extended lifespans to the people of Earth in the manga.

Source: moon-healing.tumblr.com

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