An update.

"Hello" to all my followers. Just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know where I’ve been.

As you know, I’ve chronicled all two hundred episodes of the anime as well as the movies and specials. Once that was done, I decided that it’d be okay to branch out and work on other blogs. I admit that I can be fickle.

I did tease the idea of running a blog devoted to the live-action series. While it didn’t happen, you can find some PGSM oriented posts at my tokusatsu blogs.

I can’t guarantee a wave of new posts with the same frequency as before. If I have the time, I do update the photosets from my older entries, namely from the first season. Nothing’s set in stone.

Thanks for reading and following me.

[PLACE] Mouton.

Japanese: ムートン
Romaji: Muuton

First appearance: Episode 178


  • Mouton fur, a lambskin, has been processed to resemble beaver or seal fur.


[PLACE] Wataru Amanogawa’s House.

Japanese: 天野川ワタルの家
Romaji: Amanogawa Wataru no uchi

First appearance: Episode 177